Defence, Aerospace and Home Land Security sectors in India are ready to chart an unprecedented growth. "Make in India" initiative of the Government is an enabler for industry to take bigger roles. The initiative is focused on making the nation self-reliant in Defence Production. Over the last two decades the acquisition process for defence equipment by the Government of India had been evolving. 3S Sensors & Systems Technologies Private Limited leverages its core competencies to address this opportunity.

The company offers turnkey solutions to Civil and Defence segments of global market for:-

  • Radars
  • Home Land Security
  • Aerospace
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Cyber Security 
  • Border Security
  • UAVs
  • Defence, Weapon System Interfaces



3S brings best of the technologies in Electronic Warfare, Radars, Border Security and Home Land Security Solutions, to customers. At times there are challenges to provide these technologies to customer such as Governmental controls, existing contractual obligations and of technology absorption capability. At 3S these challenges are mitigated by:-

  • Strategic partnerships with OEMs
  • Collaboration with design houses
  • In-house efforts and innovative research & development
  • Continuous market studies and system assessments

Company has strategic technological edge in Electronic Warfare, Radars, Border Security and Home Land Security Solutions 


3S Collaboration

In a short time since incorporation of the company, 3S has emerged as preferred Indian Partner for many global technology OEMs. Company’s policy for choosing technology partners is “Customer First”. 3S aims to be the best choice for customer for niche technology segments. Technology strength building by collaboration is a continuous process which is further enhanced by:-

  • Strategic global technology partnerships
  • Focus on opportunities emerging due to “Make in India”
  • Participation in projects under IDDM category of defence procurement
  • Aim to achieve Self Reliance
  • Harness inherent innovative potential of SMEs to develop new products

3S aims to be the first choice for customers and global OEMs as a bridge and versatile Indian solution provider