World’s First 3D Integrated Bird Detection & Deterrent System

A unique solution to help reduce the menace and risk of Bird Hits to the global aviation industry, 3S brings to market one of a kind 3D integrated bird detection and deterrence solution (Under License Manufacture) designed to help reduce the risk of bird hits. The system comprises of a custom designed 3D Solid State Radar for bird detection and long range high energy acoustic device and an eye safe laser for bird deterrence. The system is designed to be technologically generations ahead of any other similar systems available in the market. A state of the art solution to a problem that has dogged the civil and military aviation industry for decades.



With 3S Bird Deterrence Options, the 3S BDMDRS provides

Seamless Integration in Real Time with the 3S 3D BDMDRS Through “Click” on the Radar Display

State-of-the-Art High Power Long Range Acoustic Device

Eye Safe Laser to Scare birds


Seamless, Detection, Monitoring and Deterrence

Wireless Ethernet Addressable – Radio Range upto 9 Km

Acoustic Distress Calls with Scare Cannon Sounds

Combination of both Acoustic and Laser Deterrence for increased effectiveness

Portable Ground Surveillance Radar (Under License Manufacture)

The combination of high-resolution camera and Pulse Doppler Radar which provides a best in class specification that can detect and track a single man crawling at a distance of 2 kms, a walking man at a distance of 3 kms, a group of people at a distance of 5 kms, a vehicle at a distance of 8 kms, a tank at a distance of 10 kms. Using the Electronically Scanning Phased Array technology this highly sensitive Radar is designed to detect slow moving ground targets. With a Slew to Cue feature the system can detect and track moving ground targets up to 10 KMs away.



Capability To Cover 90°, 180°, 270°, or the full 360° in Azimuth

Extended Detection & Tracking Ranges

In-Built Optical and IR Camera with Cooled Sensor

Automatic GPS Enabled Base Map Generation

Clutter Mapping Feature

Rapid set-up and tear-down

Low False Alarm Rate

Remote Operation Capability


No Moving Parts

Fully Ruggedized To MIL Standards

Slew-To-Cue Feature

Continuous Zoom for both the Radar and Camera Images

Proven all-weather operation

Intuitive Graphical User Interface, and easy to operate

Network-ready for Multiple System Operation

Ideal for integrated solutions such as cueing a daylight/IR camera

Low Ownership and Lifecycle cost

Mobile Drone Detection Radar (Under License Manufacture)

An innovative radar to detect, validate, and track Drones around Airports and high value civil and military assets. With a detection and validation range of 4KM this portable radar helps security agencies protect sites from the threats posed by unauthorized drone flights. The system comprises of an integrated Doppler Radar along with a high resolution, long range camera which can visually validate and track drones once detected by the Radar.



Built in long range, High Resolution Visual/IR EO System

Can Detect & Monitor Fixed Wing or Rotary Wing Drone Targets

Fully custom designed radar to Detect and Monitor Drones

X Band Radar

Fully Solid State and Fully Coherent Radar

Spread Spectrum Technology

Electronically Scanning Multi-Beam Array Antenna

Clutter Resistant Beams Effectively Detect Low Flying Targets

Doppler Processing

Unique Continuous Digital Zoom

 Clutter Mapping Feature

Fixed or Mobile and Tactical Configurations

In-built GPS based, Automatic GIS Mapping Engine

Can Detect Targets up to maximum of 4 Km away


Mono Pulse feature for Enhanced Resolution

Scan of 1000 targets Simultaneously

Customized software capable of:

Radar Data Processing - Target Detection & Monitoring

Clutter Removal - Countermeasure Systems

Data Archiving for future analysis - Data Analytics

Data Display & Integration into ATC and C4I Systems

Live Zoom / Spotlight Feature in Display

Threat Warning via Alarm Zones

Sense and Avoid capability

Ability to feed Target Coordinates to Anti-Drone Systems

TCP/IP network integration


Full Frequency Agility With Random Frequency Selection and Multiple Center Frequencies

Foliage Penetration Radar (Under License Manufacture)

3S’s Non-ITAR solution offers a wide range of detection capabilities in both forested and non-forested environments, including; detection of vehicles, buildings, and other metallic targets hidden under foliage, support for ISR missions, detection of weapons caches and military assets hidden under Camouflage or Foliage, buried Mines and IEDs, and Wide area terrain mapping. A Synthetic Aperture Radar that can be mounted on various airborne platforms, it can detect targets with a range resolutions of close to half a meter. The system can be operated as a SAR or an iSAR. The system can also be adapted for mounting on rotary wing platforms and mid-size UAVs.