Utilizes fiber optic cable to enable a new era of data collection and management to deliver security, tracking and protection. The technology combines the capture and analytic capabilities of the primary interrogator unit with advanced software algorithms to deliver into our customers hands, delivering:

  • Instant identification and alerts – for economic protection  of thousands of kilometers of pipeline, strategic sites or along whole borders.
  • Improved safety environments for down well operations.
  • Enhanced yield and cost reduction for down-well measurements and management.


A single Interrogator provides Distributed Acoustic Sensing coverage with 4000 virtual sensors spaced at 10m spacing, for up to 40km of cable (50km is possible in specific circumstances)

  • Multiple Interrogator Units (IU’s) can then be networked to provide coverage of 1000’s of km. With collocated IU’s, the system can monitor up to 100km between power locations, with only the fiber cable in between the IU locations, acting as the sensor.
  • The system is proven worldwide- and is now protecting over 11,000 km’s of pipeline globally as well strategic assets such as nuclear facilities.
  • The complete systems is exceptionally reliable with all electronics being rugged, field quality hardware matching the robustness of  fiber-optic cables utilized which are widely known to be highly durable, low maintenance, and reliable over many, many years.
  • The 10m spacing of the “virtual” sensors provides accurate threat location for responsive action giving unparalleled coverage at any location
  • Two types of zones are available for tuning system performance to different geographical regions being: Environmental zones, which cater to varying sensitivity profiles in the local ground conditions and User zones, in which particular alarms can be activated or suppressed depending on the threat profile at that location.
  • Laser based optics fiber system works on any telecoms grade dark fiber, which is readily installed using standard equipment and methods. The system naturally also operates on already installed dark fiber in a cable that is being utilized for example, for communications use.